About Wilding

Indoor plant specialist, florist and educator Anna Macoboy is passionate about creating wild and beautiful designs with nature. Her work is influenced by naturalistic landscape design and the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which can be described as an appreciation of the imperfections and transience of natural beauty.

Anna has recently returned to Perth from New York, where she studied botany at the New York Botanical Garden. She also spent several years working with both garden and floral designers at cult favourite Sprout Home in Brooklyn, and worked as a stylist on the Sprout Home book, Rooted in Design. She was also part of the team at the magical Stonefruit Botanical and at trendsetting Tula, home of the famous plant truck.

Anna is dedicated to spreading plant knowledge and understanding and has taught plant education and design workshops at dozens of locations in Australia and the USA, including the New York Botanical Garden, Chelsea Garden Center, Wave Hill and the Japan Society of New York.